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30 designs originaux & créatifs autour des bouteilles - Inspiration graphique #11 | BlogDuWebdesign

Taste of Greece is Ouzo, a traditional Greek alcoholic beverage. The concept from Dolphins // Communication Design was to embody Greece and all its traditions.

Big Booooom by Amaia Arrazola

i remember when u told me u were going away and i felt "outside this bed theres nothing., ill fall into spacial void"

Mini Petri Dish Sketches - I’ve developed this habit lately of drawing these minute sketches PS, as often times I don’t have enough time to draw when I come home too late or when I’m too tired.

Zavana logotype

A simple successful logo type using a simple font that shifts from bold to very thin strokes. It creates a sort of uniform and futuristic feeling that is very pleasing to look at.

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Why dilute the strongest icon of all time wth inferior icons wth little meaning. A hand-drawn logotype, within the word Tokyo we have woven the year