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3D Shapes worksheets

Matching Shapes and Nets

marshmallow and toothpick geometry. Downloadable cards. Helps kids learn their 3-D shapes!

Sub play dough, btwn paper bridges and tooth pick bridges

Solid net and Shapes

Chapter 11 Solid net and Shapes

Soooo easy to look at for a visual learner like me

MEDIAN Don Steward mathematics teaching: adding/subtracting directed numbers


This puzzle puts a twist on the more traditional "Build-A-Rectangle" activity.

Resourceaholic: I love my new circle theorems wall. It was an easy and enjoyable lesson to run - I just gave them paper plates, straws and pins and they got on with it!

Resourceaholic - free resources and ideas for teaching secondary school maths

world's hardest easy geometry problem 1&2

world's hardest easy geometry problem This would be awesome as a challenge problem for honors!

Trig information sheet...more than what we use in Alg 1, but very useful! Can't wait to make this for our Notebook!!

Trigonometry Laws and Identities Math Sheet

algebra sheet

Algebra reference chart and 8 Additional Great School Cheat Sheets - the kind you won't get in trouble for using!

Parallel Line Angles Final

Parallel Line Angles Final