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a person is holding a baby bottle in their left hand and pressing it on the table
Simple dough hacks for delicious treats!📹crafty_creation_hub - NewsBreak
a fish is being cooked in a frying pan with a wooden spoon on the side
Time-saving hacks for busy cooks
a video showing how to make easy crepes hack
1.9M views · 2.5K reactions | 1. Heat your non-stick pan on medium heat. 2. Lightly spray non-stick spray over the bottom of the pan. 3. Press the bottom of the pan into a dish of crepe batter. 4. Flip the pan upside down over a flame until the crepe starts to release. | Tasty
an egg frying in a pan on the stove
How to Fry an Egg, According to a Former Chef
a wooden cutting board sitting on top of a table
11K reactions · 2.5K shares | Carrot Disassembly #carrot #hack Video credit: @yousuckatcooking | Atlanta military chef/small chops & foods | spice9ja · Original audio
there are two metal trays filled with figs
Once You See It You Can't Unsee It | FIGS: NOT FRUIT, Did You Know | Facebook
a video demonstrating how to make an omelet with the help of three stainless steel strainers
3.3M views · 54K reactions | Dicas incríveis de cozinha para melhorar suas habilidades culinárias! | Dicas incríveis de cozinha para melhorar suas habilidades culinárias! | By Ideias IncríveisFacebook
mushrooms and other edible items laid out on a table
How to Store Mushrooms to Keep Them Fresh
someone cutting an apple with a knife on top of a table next to a pair of scissors
154K views · 32K reactions | onion flower#fruitcarving #fruitart #fruitdecoration #edibleart #fooddesign #foodpresentation #foodstyling#onion#luxucleantowels | LUXU GLASSES | luxuglasses · Original audio
Nutrition, Cuisine, Types Of Cabbage, Healthy, Cabbage
Don't Skip Your Cruciferous Veggies Because of a Little Gas