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Spontime is a new social media app that encourages users to spend more time offline with friends. Read all about it here!

Spontime è il social network che invita a passare più tempo con amici invece che su internet semplificando il sistema di inviti

Addicted to social media? Hoping to curb that addiction? Spontime is a social media network that's aimed at sparking real-life interactions.

A 21-Year-Old Student Releases Spontime, a New Social Networking Mobile App and Receives a Valuation of $3mln - Press Release - Digital Journal

A new social networking mobile App gives users more features and better ways to create meetups with friends for coffee, lunch or other activities. Spontime, a new social networking mobile app created by Karolina Demianczuk, a 21-year-old student entrepreneur, has been evaluated to outrun the most popular meetup app, ‘Down To Lunch’ in its usability, …

Spontime Founder, Karolina Demianczuk

We do everything on social media nowadays.... but we lack person-to-person time! SPONTIME is a social network that helps you spent more time with your friends.

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