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4 Steps to creating a plan for online customer acquisition Having a digital marketing strategy for your organisation is essential to ensure your marketing. Marketing topic(s):Customer acquisition strategy. Advice by Simon Swan.

All the French slang you need to speak like a native.

Learn the latest popular French slang terms in this essential slang e-book. With lots of bonus material. Get it on pdf, epub and mobi.

Here’s a list of the best French comics to get you learning French the fun way! For beginners all the way through to advanced language learners. + I shared a list of bilingual webcomics available online, completely free! Yup! Free! Do not hesitate to share

For language learners, reading a long text or book can be incredibly scary; it’s a wall of words, making you feel overwhelmed.

Learn French: Your 21-Day Guide on How to Make Listening a Habit - Talk in French #learning #method #french

Want to learn French faster? Make it a habit and make the habit stick! This awesome guide tells you how to establish a strong habit in just 20 days.