The best show of the '70's

Little House on the Prairie is a western/drama that aired on NBC from and starred Michael Landon, Karen Grassle, Melissa Gilbert and Melissa Sue Anderson. The series is based on the Little House books by the real life Laura Ingalls Wilder.

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♥✮♥✮✤✮♥✮✤colored paper♥✮♥✮✤✮♥✮✤

♥✮♥✮✤✮♥✮✤colored paper♥✮♥✮✤✮♥✮✤


Leoncio and Isaura on Escrava Isaura(brazilian sopa opera)

Jezyk Polski

Nauka czytania w PRL - I think, it was a first grade polish literature textbook.

One of the staples in my home library:)

"Children of Bullerbyn" one of my fave childhood stories, wish I could get a copy :(