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The Women Excluded From Arlington National Cemetery

The Women Excluded From Arlington National Cemetery by Katherine Sharp Landdeck Seventy years ago, Women Airforce Service Pilots flew 77 types of airplanes

My Dearest Brooklyn

My Dearest Brooklyn Anne G A jukebox of memories in my head, dearest Brooklyn, you and me. Lanky boys with cow-licked locks, freckled girls and ponytails.

Brooklyn Scapes

Brooklyn Scapes Anne G The more I think about "My Brooklyn" childhood, the sweeter the memories. During these dogs days of summer, I recently recalled the

Wooden Soldiers

Wooden Soldiers by Anne G Wooden soldiers stand erect, at attention on my desk. Straights and sturdy loyalists, born of trees and charcoal lead.

A Farce

A Farce by Anne G "The United Nations Security Council's approval of a Russia drafted resolution to support the Minsk Agreement" is laughable.The resolution


Empaths are highly intelligent people that have abilities most people don’t. Many people might view them as fragile, almost


KISS a poem by Deborah Jane K Love I Physical S Friends S Smile Fits like a glove - possibly love May be a bust - only about lust Perhaps a bash - landing

La Moza

La Moza

Goose or Gander

10 razões pelas quais Leonardo Da Vinci é superestimado

The woman who captured NYC’s graffiti gangs

The woman who captured NYC's graffiti gangs Text by Amy Newson Photography Martha Cooper Since the photographer Martha Cooper has been capturing street