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Writing Tip: Keep an eye on your "was" Want a quick, powerful way to tighten up your writing? Open up your story. Ctrl+f the word "was." Now see if you can cut that number down by half by rephrasing those sentences to have more active, dynamic verbs and more robust descriptions. Compare: She was wearing a white dress th... #writing #artcreative #writers #writing #help #keep #eye #want #quick #powerful #way #tighten #open #story #word #now #can #cut #number #half #rephrasing #sentences #pic
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THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot emphasize the importance of this enough! And not just for creative writing - essays too
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7 Questions to Ask to Quickly Know Your Character — E.M. Welsh
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There are typos, but it's a good list.... things you can think of when building fantasy world