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That blonde girl💋💋💋
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a woman in a blue dress leaning on a yellow surfboard
sabrina carpenter espresso
a woman in a silver dress holding a microphone
sabrina carpenter
a woman in a bathing suit balancing on a surfboard over her head while others watch
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a woman holding an umbrella in the sand with her legs spread out and wearing high heels
Sabrina Carpenter Espresso Poster - not mine
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a woman sitting on the steering wheel of a small boat in the water with her hand on the steering wheel
sabrina carpenter espresso
ig: @ sabrinacarpenter
a sign that says, this is so pop star of her
she's gonna make you c♡me 😇
a woman sitting on top of a chair next to a lake with the words omg the snippet at the end has to be a single
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a cell phone with the caption song of the summer
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a woman sitting on top of a beach chair next to a man holding a plate
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a woman sitting on the floor with her legs crossed and texting i'm working late cause in a singer
this part scratches my brain in the best way possible
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a collage of photos with the caption i love sab's new aesthetic
not mine! post didnt have credits so please lmk who the owner is so i can give credits
a woman standing in front of a poster holding her hand up to the camera and looking at it