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a man with a mustache is talking to someone on the television show million dollar question
Get Ready To LOL: The Best Teacher Memes Collection!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk
Caps Lock
a cartoon strip with an image of a teacher talking to his students in the classroom
Five for Friday, Late Pass Edition
Five for Friday, Late Pass Edition | It Happened in Third
"I know the kids don't like you and pick on you, but you have to go to're the teachers." Teacher Humour, Funny Quotes, Teacher Humor, Psychology Humor
"I know the kids don't like you and pick on you, but you have to go to're the teachers."
a slotty sitting at a desk with a book on it's lap and the caption reads, open notebook class is over
28 Pictures That Will Make Teachers Laugh Harder Than They Should
They'll never know.:
a teacher's life magazine cover with an apple
Too accurate
two people dressed as batman and robin wayne
Batman meme - Meme Generator
Holy NonFiction, Batman! Use this graphic when teaching how and why to cite sources.
a cartoon depicting two people talking to each other
If only!
English teacher memes ;-) Work Humour, Work Humor, Humor
English teacher memes ;-)
a minion sitting in front of a laptop computer with the caption, when a student asks are we ever going to do anything fun in here?
a monkey with the caption'que sabado animalo'in spanish
ClickFunnels™ - Marketing Funnels Made Easy
Maybe it's just the time of year. Maybe it's the fact that I've been teaching for 11 years. Maybe I'm just tired. But tonight when I was ...
an image of a woman with a funny caption on her face that reads, when you're in the middle of an amazing lesson and choose a student to answer a question
a raccoon with the caption, plot to start fawars success
25 Things Only Teachers Will Understand
…. but sometimes you have to make this face. 25 things only teachers will understand - buzzfeed
a cartoon depicting a blue train with speech bubbles saying push me mom, well i'm waiting the little engine whose parents did everything for him
Truth for Teachers: Real talk from K-12 educators
Something for some parents to ponder.