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How to Perform CPR on an Adult

Some inadvertent deaths are unavoidable—wrong place, wrong time. Staying alive requires perceiving threat, feeling dread, and responding. Here's some tips you should know to stay alive in some dangerous situation


This is my pokedex entry All it wanted was to be enjoyed But no one would ever look at its face so it put on a bag and ran away hoping to never see a human ever again *this is more like lore but I think its cool*

9 Kick-Ass Ketchup Recipes You Can Make Yourself

Ketchup + 17 Clean Ingredients = Every Condiment You’ll Ever Need. Simple mix-ins that will never leave you wondering what exactly is in that special sauce.

Click for more stories, but I think this one is my favorite along with the one about the Pope. There have always been good people out there and many of them don't get the credit they deserve.

"Faith In Humanity Restored"- um how can Al Gore beating this woman out of the Nobel Peace Prize restore faith in humanity! My faith will be restored when people like this woman beat fame whores like Al Gore out of the Nobel Prize! Wake-up world!