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Tangier, Kingdom of Morocco, North Africa...

Tangier, Kingdom of Morocco, North Africa.We can ride a camel on the beach!

From the moment you arrive in Marrakesh (Morocco), you’ll get the distinct feeling you've left something behind...  Read more:

Analysis: The windy maze like Marrakech Streets of Morocco twist and curve around the cobblestone path. The Vivid red walls bring life into the old pathway and keep the area alive! Which is then well contrasted with the tinted blue path.

Verona, Veneto, Italy - photo taken by Carol Japp and featured on . Used without permission on newwonderphotos blog - please credit tthe real source of this photo and photographer and the same for the many others this blog uses without permission.

The Ponte Pietra (Italian for "Stone Bridge"), once known as the Pons Marmoreus, is a Roman arch bridge crossing the Adige River in Verona, Italy. The bridge was completed in 100 BC, and the Via Postumia from Genua to the Brenner Pass passed over it.