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This week was a little shorter than usual with Monday being a holiday (President’s Day Weekend!) but getting back into the groove of this feels much more difficult with a four day work week. Here is some mid-week inspiration! — Like this post? You might like these too!Wednesday Words of Wisdom, February 26, 2014Wednesday Words …

Seasons song

First Grade Wow

Hello Everyone! Next week we will begin a science unit on seasons and then weather. With the start of fall, I wanted an easily accessible b...

Christmas song - Five Little Bells

Five Little Bells poem

Christmas poem with printable coloring page - Five Little Bells.

Fairy Tale Song (from First Grade Wow)


Hello Everyone! We are having a great week! I actually got in some guided reading groups today!! Yippee!! I love it when all the training and expectations for incorporating D5 actually settles in and works like a well oiled machine! Sometimes I just look up from what we're doing and just smile because most of the kids are doing it!! Really doing it!! I am so excited for tomorrow! Way to go, guys!!! The week after next we will begin our fairy tale unit (integrating our reading and social…

Snowmen Pocket Chart Rhymes

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Our poem of the week was “Everybody Has a Name”. Each of my little friends took a turn repeating the last part of the poem using their own name and they thought that was pretty cool.

I Survived Week 2 How About You?! - Cara Carroll

Well…I did it. I survived the 2nd week! HA! In all honesty, I have a pretty sweet little class. I feel like they’ve picked up so much in just a short 2 weeks! I’m so excited and anxious to see how much they progress this year. This is one of the reasons I love Kindergarten …

Here's a chant to help kids remember date and time facts.

It's About Time

Hello Everyone, It's time to learn about time! Finally! We've been doing some informal work on telling time throughout the year, but this week we began more formal instruction. I say formal, but I still like to make it fun and multisensory for the kids. We began with an anchor chart (of course) brainstorming things we already knew about clocks and telling time. Then it was time to make a giant clock together. We used hula hoops for the face of the clock and cut out numbers and hands. We…

Free Winter Poem

Lyndsey Kuster — Recharge & Reignite Your Passion For Teaching

I was recently reading an article on phonics and fluency by Dr. Timothy Rasinski, a professor of literacy education at Kent State University, and he made an analogy that really resonated with me. He said,… >

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Poetry Writing for Kids: Bio Poems that Kids Love

Teach children how to write bio poems about themselves and create a unique writing display. Grab FREE poetry templates for kids to plan and write their own bio poems.

Pumpkin Poem

Cross-Curricular PUMPKIN fun!

It's October. The leaves are changing and falling. The air is cool and crisp. But most importantly... Pumpkins. Kids love pumpkins. And you can have a lot of fun with pumpkins in your classroom. Here are some great read alouds for your pumpkin week! Awesome, awesome book to talk about counting and estimating. Then, OF COURSE, having the kids count the seeds in a pumpkin! This witch grows a HUGE pumpkin but nobody can seem to figure out how to move it! Oh, Splat is hilarious! Your kids will…