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Vermicomposting; ive grown worms in a bin, but this shows a worm tower made out of PVC pipe

How to make a Worm Tower

A worm tower is a simple and effective way to take any garden bed from average yield to gloriously abundant. Simple to build, with materials you probably already have, a worm tower is the perfect addition to any garden bed, in any climate.

DIY Vermicomposting Worm Farm tutorial...easy and frugal.  :)

Vermicomposting (Bin) Worm Farm - DIY, Easy, and Frugal

This vermicomposting (aka worm farm) DIY project saved me over $120 and in the end will deliver incredibly nutrient dense soil to our vegetable garden!

Texas Worm Ranch : buy red wiggler #worms in Dallas, TX

Texas Worm Ranch

Texas Worm Ranch : Buy red wiggler #worms in Dallas, TX

Texas Worm Ranch

Getting Started with Worm Composting. Discover the key principles of Vermicomposting

Getting Started with Worm Composting – Worm Composting Headquarters

This article gives you an overview of worm composting. Worm Composting (Vermicomposting) is easy, good for the Earth, good for your plants, and fun.

Vermicomposting: How to Compost With Worms : Outdoors : Home & Garden Television

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Vermicomposting Wooden Bin - 5 Trays

Vermicomposting    Where can I get worms in Brandon.

The Nearly-Virgin Gardener

I am just a little twenty-something girl trying to keep up with a society that is gradually going green. Come on an educational gardening journey with me, as I re-learn the fine art that is tending a garden!



This combines vertical gardening and vermicomposting!  All in a 50gal. plastic barrel.

Learning Center | Garden Tower Project | The Next Generation of the Ultimate Patio Farm

Garden Tower Project Learning Center. Choose your topic and learn more about the next revolution in patio farming and gardening.

Learn to Love Worms with Vermicomposting.  An introduction to creating "black gold" for your garden with red wiggler worms.

How to Vermicompost: Learn to Love Worms with Vermicomposting | Backdoor Survival

Three years ago, if someone had mentioned they purchasing some worms, I would have grabbed my pole and said “let’s go fishing”. Then, as I became interested in organic gardening, I started reading about worm bins and worm compost. The technical term is “vermicomposting” which is the process of composting using worms....

vermicomposting trench   Nicky @Nicky @dirtandmartinis via Michele Brignac    I have been thinking about this and whether it would work in my gardens/blending up the compost and just pouring it between and around the garden.  I like this idea, though.

The Vermicomposting Trench

I've been looking forward to writing this post for quite some time now. As I mentioned in the post about my restaurant vermicomposting project, the trench idea

Worm Factory 360 Vermicomposting System #gift #aquaponics #vermicomposting

Go Green Aquaponics - Your One Stop Shop For Everything Aquaponics

The Best Source for Aquaponics Supplies, Custom Systems, and Education. From building a backyard system to designing a commercial system we're here to help you succeed in aquaponics. We have over 10 years of experience working in aquaponics and our goal is to help you get your aquaponics project done right!

little country house: Vermicomposting


Have you ever said to yourself "self, composting your kitchen scraps in the yard is boring, what you need is a bin in your kitchen full of worms." I have these conversations with myself all the time. In normal fashion, I learn as much as I can about a topic and forget most of it before I actually follow through with it. So it goes with this project. I have known about Vermicomposting for years and have always wanted to do it. A friend of mine gave me a kick in the pants when he asked if I…

Vermicomposting.  Super cool. Very green.

Vermicomposting for Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Here's a neat Earth Day project, vermicomposting. It wasn't that long ago I heard about vermicomposting for the first time...

Really simple vermicomposting.  I think we could do this...

Vermicomposting is a big word for something really simple - getting worms to eat your organic waste. Find out how I assembled my worm bin step by step.