Krzysztof Szulc

Krzysztof Szulc

Krzysztof Szulc
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DIY-Doll Kits by on @DeviantArt

This week we start to mold/cast the first dolls of the next DIY-Doll Kits. Shown are a bunny/squirrel (same head base but different ears can be attached) and a skunk. This new kits will be availabl.

New Shop Pattern! Cerberus Plush | Choly Knight

I’ve got a new pattern that I’ve recently added to my Etsy shop :D Being deep into Halloween season, I thought it might be fun to introduce another scary creature pattern into the mix…

Free Pattern Friday! Totoro Plush | Choly Knight

It only seemed like a matter of time before this guy made another appearance, right? It’s probably the most highly requested plush character I get, and I’ve done so many other Ghibli …