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Covered Greenhouse Hinged Raised Garden Bed Project

Covered Greenhouse Garden Step-by-step covered greenhouse raised bed garden. this is perfect for starter crops, low growing crops, etc. Greenhouses are an excellent idea to protect your crops fro.

Sesame-Crusted Tofu with Nuoc Cham

Sesame-Crusted Tofu with Nuoc Cham 1 lb. (about) extra-firm tofu* 1 egg teaspoon kosher salt** 3 tablespoons panko bread crumbs 2 tablespoons white sesame seeds 1 tablespoon black sesame seeds canola oil for frying scallions, sliced on the bias

Can a juice a day keep the doctor at bay?  Kris Carr's Green Drink  - This recipe makes almost 32 oz.      2 large cucumbers (peeled if not organic)    Big fist full of (kale/romaine/spinach/dandelion)    Big fist full of sweet pea sprouts (if easy to find)    4-5 stalks celery    1-2 big broccoli stems    1-2 pears or green apples (optional)

Headache Blaster Juice 2 granny smith apples - 5 stalks celery - 1 bunch kale - 1 cucumber - 2 lemons - 2 inches ginger (with peel)

Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries & Pecans by Rachel Schultz

Tired of eating boring but healthy brussel sprouts? Then try this Pan-Seared Brussels Sprouts dish with Cranberries & Pecans by Rachel Schultz for lunch or dinner

Namely Marly's Green Monster Hummus is a great appetizer served with crackers

Spinach basil garbanzo Green Monster Hummus I brought this to work once and everyone loved it. My co-workers wanted to use the recipe to get there kids to eat spinach.