I don't know what to write there. Saluto il mio caro!
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‘They… they… hanged… they hanged them, Leonardo… Father, Federico… even… even little Petruccio…’ ‘You need to be strong Ezio. And you still have mother and sister. Be strong.

Salai by *doubleleaf on deviantART Learn more about the romance/relationship between Da Vinci in and his disciple, Salai, in the new book "The Caprotti Caprotti: A Study of a Painter Who Never Was," available NOW by Marsilio Press at Rizzoli! art, art history, Italian Renaissance

Salai by *doubleleaf on deviantART Learn more about the romance/relationship…

It's okay Desmond, you got Rebecca.....

This is actually hella depressing. I about lost my mind when the apple of Eden forced Desmond to stab Lucy, even if she was a traitor.