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two glowing pumpkins in front of a house with trees and bushes around it at night
SAMHAIN by Puppet Combo
Halloween Pagan Horror game by a low budget game developer named PUPPET COMBO.
three boxes of creature feature movie photo cards are stacked on top of each other in front of a castle
1980 Topps Creature Feature Full Wax Box
a purple button with an image of a computer and the words cyberdues on it
Slammer Whammers > Series 3 > Cyberdudes
a white button with an image of a dragon and the words bob - squad on it
Slammer Whammers > Series 1 > 121-144 Bod Squad
a poster for the spook show with two monkeys and a spider on it's back
Spook Show (1950s). Window Card (14" X 22"). Horror.. ... Movie | Lot #52410 | Heritage Auctions
a stuffed animal wearing a t - shirt with a shark's mouth on it
Let's Go Halloween Costume Shopping!
an advertisement for monster stickers on the back of a car, with various monsters and skulls
charles s. anderson design co. | Monster Candy Promotion