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''you're kidding right, you have to be otherwise i'd have to punch you. again. he might have power left somewhere in that body of his. but the kid's insane, driven so mad he even freaks out Reeda and he's the most fucked up person on the team. the fact that he's valuable doesn't make him less of a goddamn liability you prick. you'll get us all killed with your bloody idiotic philantropy. i say we put a bullet in his head now. it'd be the kindest thing anyone's never done to him. a mercy…

" "You pit the rope in the wrong place." "They're on my arms." "Its to tie them." "There in the wrong place.

#Illustration by Laura Callaghan

by Laura Callaghan The bright warm reds are Emphasized in contrast to the cooler pink and blue tones which are Subordinate