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Trillium Camping Hammock: Green Fabric

The Trillium is the foundation of a tree tent. With this hammock, you can stack 2 or 3 safely under your tree tent to create the multi-floor outdoor living habitats. Utilize Trillium hammocks to ad

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Amerikansk klassning för konsumenter

What's Your Beef? A great guide from the USDA to help you understand the difference between Prime, Choice, & Select beef.

kg meat (*)  40 gr. sea salt  30 gr. sugar  4 gr. ground coffee  10 gr. black pepper, coarsely ground  10 gr. ground juniper berries (**)  5-6 bay leaves  * It is recommended to use a long piece of topside beef

Home made cured meat. The main ingredient is topside beef and natural sea salt for the process. Use of spices and berries can vary to adjust the taste. (Some sugar is used for the curing process.

It is important to know these definitions: Select, Choice, Prime, Wagyu, Kobe, Certified Angus, wet aged, dry aged, grass fed, grain fed, organic beef, natural beef, kosher, and halal beef.

The Science Of Beef Grades & Labels & Busting The Kobe Beef Myth—How To Identify The Many Different Cuts Of Beef