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Old school skills to add to your homeschool
#homeschool #homeschoolcurriculum #homeschoolactivities
handmade monster puppets for kids to make with paper and clothes pegs on the table
COUNTING MONSTERS EYES 👀 If you’ve been following us for a while you already know we love using clothespins in our activities because… | Instagram
DIY Toddler Busy Box - 21 easy toddler activities
DIY Toddler Busy Box - 21 easy toddler activities #toddleractivities #kidsactivities #toddler #prek #preschoolactivities #toddlerlearning #paisleyscorner
Car Tunnels Garage Numbers
Car Tunnels Garage Numbers #kidsactivities #toddleractivities #toddlerlife #toddler #prek #preschoolactivities #paisleyscorner #learningactivities #sensoryplay
two children laying on a bed with text overlay reading 50 ways to tire your kids out before bed
Inside Activities For High Energy Kids- 50 Ways To Burn Off Energy |
Scoop Up Creativity: Design Your Own Ice Creams with Kids
Spark your child's imagination with this interactive ice cream designing activity! From choosing flavors to adding creative toppings, this sensory-filled experience combines art, play, and learning. Join us for a delightful adventure of flavors and fun!
Is your mini human always breaking crayons? Try this! 🖍️JUMBO CRAYONS 🖍️
Is your mini human always breaking crayons? Try this! JUMBO CRAYONS! Instructions: • Soak broken crayons in warm water to remove wrappers • Put crayons in a silicone ice cube mold • Bake in oven at 275F for 35 mins or until melted • Let cool before removing from mold (I put mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes as I am impatient haha) Always supervise your children when doing the activities and hacks on our profile. #parenthacks #activitiesforkids #activitiesforpreschoolers #activitiesfortoddlers
Nobody has to know 🤫. This is definitely a MAKE situation
Positive discipline
I Keep My Kids From The Real World?
As a mom with a master’s degree in child development, my journey into unschooling has been a fascinating exploration of unconventional education. Unschooling, often misunderstood, goes beyond the boundaries of traditional schooling and invites children to learn through life experiences, fostering a profound connection with the real world. #unschooling #homeschool #playbasedlearning
Things You Should Say To Your Child!
#brainchemistry #parenting #newmom #consciousparenting #generationalcycles • 🎥@motherhoodandmontessori
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