Susan Slowrock

Susan Slowrock

Susan Slowrock
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Right here on Pinterest, you can see all the awesome styles being released in time for Jorvik Fashion Week before anyone else!  Here's a first look at the brand new range of pants and trousers on offer! Play now for free at!

I believe that my outfit should win, because it is convenient and you can now select from everywhere to silverglade, Harvent Counties, and even to the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur!

An exclusive glimpse at some beautiful new gloves available at Jorvik City Plaza just in time for Jorvik Fashion Week!  Play for free NOW at!

I think I should win because my dress is very versatile and is suitable for everyone :) It is unpretentious and not oversaturated : 3 I care about winning , to finally make a MEGA shopping at the mall : D

Jorvik Fashion Week is approaching fast! Check out this exclusive preview of all the styles on sale at Jorvik City Plaza before they're released! Play for free now at!

My outfit should win because its one sure to be worn by the most fashionable riders, and it fits most tack colours.