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Modification Monday: Mouton Mix Sweater |

Jen by Josee Paquin. In fingering wt. at 24sts/4in. Sleeve length options. $6

Brunello Cucinelli V-Neck Rubberized Cotton Sweater:

fashionn-enthusiast: “Shop this sweater here»

spring knit poncho patterns | 2013 Autumn Knitted Sweater Women,High Street Plus Size Poncho Stripe ...

Como No Tempo da Vovó: Tricô

I've been knitting a lot of hats for the holidays, and I'm thinking of copying the striping pattern for the next one, as it would be simple, pretty, and easy to do while entertaining one's self with youtube karaoke or more interesting movies.

What... ? How does this even exist? I'm actually angry right now.