Probably not if she actually got stabbed (would she even allow that to happen?), but I can imagine Ciana being extremely sarcastic towards anyone who tried to stab her.<<<this would be a good dialogue if you are writing a witty character

The center of this castle was built in To put that into perspective: That's exactly 200 years before Christopher Columbus first set foot on American ground. It was never destroyed and has remained in the possession of the original family since day one.

The sharp clang from the crown colliding with the marble floor echoed through the room much like the guard's words kept echoing in his head. "The Queen is dead.

~when I looked into the golden mirror, I couldn't recognize myself. There was a beautiful, strong lady staring back at me when all there had ever been before was a shell of a girl~

One Night with the King - Hadassah's / Queen Esther's gold and burgundy gown

Change in my life.                                            The good and the bad

From regular occasional hand-washers to germaphobes, this list of dirtiest objects you touch every day is guaranteed to get your skin crawling and your hands franti.