TOP 10 Ways How To Shoot A Stunning Portrait

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"The society of the Technicians has been invaded every now and then, by people who want to find out more from the inside. You can tell who's real and who's not, because only the real Techs's eyes glow in the dark. That's how I knew, Alla. How I knew you were a fake from the very beginning.

Amber eyes that were alien and frightening. Amber eyes that had always been kind and beautiful and human.

"Grown up? I suppose I have. Killing things, and almost killing myself, must have changed me some, after all.


Sometimes surviving leaves damaging effects that are intense enough at times to make you wonder

Brothers. Always together. Always helping. Till there's nothing left you can do.


I have no idea if this is a Supernatural pin. But suddenly EVERYTHING is a Supernatural pin.<<Everything should always be a Supernatural pin, haha <<<Yes . this doesith remind me of Supernatural- but now a days everything does.

"Patriotism is speaking out when your country does things that are wrong, keeping silent is the opposite of patriotism.