Lighting recessed in the floor is modern and subtle.

Stark, Sharp & Minimalistic Interiors By Oporski Architektura

Tu jest pomysł - żarówka + oprawka + kabel -

Tin - Bar & Restaurant - Berlin, Germany - 2009 - karhard architektur + design - the lights

Memory Celling

Memory Celling

Mostly, we see simple gray and black.

Say Yes to Yellow: 4 Apartments That Flaunt Yellow Accents

WZORY - PROJEKTY. To się podoba Renacie Mikołajczyk i Dorocie Terleckiej: lampy Beat projektu Anglika Toma Dixona. Proste, ale intrygujące. ...

Discover Tom Dixon Beat Shade Wide Light in black, white and grey. Other types of the Beat Shade series. Hang them in a group or as a single lamp.

świetlne must have

'gdańsk task lamp' takes its name from polish designer bashko Ttrybek's homet­own

Lampa Asteroid - projekt: Koray Ozgen / Innermost -

Asteroide lamp: Floor lamp / Pendant lightLamp with 24 facets, each with its own unique geometry. Can be placed on several facets.

Vintage Edison Light Bulb range has increased and we now have twelve styles to choose from. Shapes ranging from the long tube at in length and the large round at in diameter.

Lampy Glaze - projekt: Corinn Warm / Innermost -

'Glaze' pendant lighting in copper, graphite and ivory, by Corinna Warm for Innermost lighting

świetlne must have

Plika Light by Pani Jurek - pinned by Idea Concept Design.