Ola Krawczyk

Ola Krawczyk

London, LA, NYC, Toronto, Warsaw  ·  Blogger, writer, artist, aspiring singer, aspiring fashion journalist! What else can I say? Right now concentrating on writing my fan fiction on Wattpad.
Ola Krawczyk
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My fave song right now(:

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star, I wanna hit you with a car. Throw you off a tree so high, hope you break your neck and die." Those are my favorite perodies for twinkle twinkle little stars

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If niall doesn't sing i will lose it! I will cry for forever! Love ya niall Dunican Dunican Horan that goes for all the other boys

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Violetta and Leon!

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Read story GOODNIGHT MARY TYLER by TannisthoGhosh (Tannistho Ghosh) with 73 reads. Dear Mary Tyler, You made me lose my shoe and my wallet.

"Monster Huntress: Monsters Beware" by AeylitasLastDayz - "Aeylita is a 15 year old monster huntress with ninja like abilities and quite a bit of spunk.