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frosted maple leaves on the ground with red and yellow leaves in the foreground
Frosted Maple Leaves © Dean A Pennala
the colorful trees are reflected in the water
Colors of Autumn Leaves
Michigan in Autumn.. so pretty!
an orange and red leaf is hanging from a branch with blurry lights in the background
Lights of Autumn
an autumn scene with red leaves on the ground and large tree roots in the foreground
Autumn Light by Hannes Cmarits
Autumn light in the Bavarian Alps of southern Germany • photo: Hannes Cmarits on FineArtAmerica
a bridge over a river surrounded by trees with autumn leaves on the ground and in front of it
"I hear a voice in the autumn leaves. Telling me I need to leave. But I can't fly with these broken wings." "Wherever the wind blow you will find Me there, standing exactly where I want to be."
an autumn scene with the words, my soul is longing for the museum of art
Autumn Decor and Decorating Ideas | Laura Trevey Lifestyle
...voy a borrar de la memoria las sombras, se hará la luz, recuperando la esencia tomo aliento para saltar, respiro mi destino, sé lo que vendrá, pasión que enciende el alma, ganas de volar. Sentada frente al sol sin nada que ocultar, respiro mi destino sé lo que vendrá...
the sun is setting over a lake with a dock in front of it and leaves on the ground
Falling for Fall - Meghan Carter
Autumn Leaves Fall Colour Sunset by the Dock.... T out a bit at the end of this dock, add chairs and a pit, make it longer, BAM
an autumn scene with trees and leaves on the ground
#Nature let us enjoy the wonderful things in life<3 It will mean a lot to me if you guys like, repin and share with your friends and family <3 let's share the love because we care (:
a person in a boat on a lake surrounded by trees with yellow leaves and fog
Satka, Russia • photo: Mikhail Trakhtenberg on National Geographic