Mateusz Siwiak

Mateusz Siwiak
Bydgoszcz / All kinds, types, genres and genders of beauty that I >select<. I show you, you watch and enjoy!
Mateusz Siwiak
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Gallery of Villa Escarpa / Mario Martins - 26

Built by Mario Martins in Luz, Portugal with date Images by FG+SG. Villa Escarpa is located near the village of Praia da Luz, in the district of Lagos, Algarve, in the South of Portuga.

Gallery of Pueblo Serena Church / Moneo Brock Studio - 2

This beautifully articulated church in Monterrey, Mexico, by architecture firm Moneo Brock Studio, is a marvel of contemporary design and traditional forms.

Gallery of Pueblo Serena Church / Moneo Brock Studio - 9

Traditional elements like a bell tower are reinterpreted as pointed protrusions in this sculptural church in Monterrey, designed by architecture studio Moneo Brock.

Gallery of House D10 / Werner Sobek - 1

Werner Sobek Located near Ulm in southern Germany, is a single-storey one-family home built in an established residential area. A private driveway provides access to the house.

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