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Tim Burton Human Shape by randomdrawerchic

I was having trouble with how to make the anatomy of Tim Burton character and i couldnt find any tutorials on how to make a drawing in his style.

I love browsing Pinterest for sketch inspiration! There's so many beautiful women on there with amazing styles wish I could be brave with my hair! I think this paper might be too smooth for pencils though have any of you ever done something "crazy" with your hair?

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It's been half a year now since I started to 'try' drawing ponies (at first, I really sucked at it) but now I think it's okay.. that why I decided to share my 'wisdom' with you guys! hehe... sorry ...

I'm not really gonna call this a tutorial , because it's just how I draw and what I keep in mind while doing so little things that helped me a lot with . step by step thing - female torso