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Dark glasses

Dark glasses

Working hard as hell towards this goal. I feel like you have to work through some "have to's" to get to the "want to's".


"You create beauty with your attitude, your behavior, your actions. it's all up to you." Beauty - Attitude - Behavior - Actions Quote Sayings

Asada Shino and Dion by BagusCasbon

Good anime artbook from Sword Art Online II uploaded by AceFlame - Asada Shino

okey dokey beard

okey dokey beard whimsical funny surreal illustration pen and ink print old man…

Villa's face when she sees someone wearing poke-a-dot pants and a plaid shirt

Cat’s 10 Commandments - True sweet puppy ? SO true.

OMG! Mickey mouse donuts... Could totally make these with Entenmanns donuts and thin mints!

So cute Disney polymer clay donut icon charms

cywscross: “ x ”

Yet the best fanart of shinaya i've ever had!{}{} dis is amaziing Tags : Mekakucity actors, kagerou project, Shintarou kisaragi, Ayano tateyama, Shinaya