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Gingerbread House gift bag idea l cute little gingerbread houses made of paper bags. Using puffy paint, draw your desired design making it as simple or as complicated as you? You can also have your kids draw on it with a white crayon or paint and

How about large scale photos of the happy couple to create smaller spaces within a larger room. Create intimacy with moveable frames. Allestimento Museum Decorative Arts Design, Oslo

The downside of a flat, not concertina structure is that you would need a large footprint like here for stability, so I guess this is dependent on the kind of space you usually have at shows and whether or not this kind of base would be well annoying

Minimalist clothes rack by Danish designer Jakob Jørgensen

Minimalist clothes rack by Danish designer Jakob Jørgensen. The basic idea in Knock down-Cloth Rack is a simple wedge assembly, that can attach a horizontal element to a vertical load-bearing element.

Basket Bulk Merchandising on a Pallet Frame

"loose parts play" storage - rocks, sticks, and other materials are sorted into baskets so children can find them. "Loose parts play" = using objects without a set purpose to create.