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gallery style hanging hardware built in a awl in common or conference area? For art display and/or pitches? home office organizing

La Délicate Parenthèse création DIY jardin décoratif et aromatique suspendu défi 18h39

Auch in der Küche zieht bei uns frisches Grün, in Form von Kräutern ein. >>La Délicate Parenthèse création DIY jardin décoratif et aromatique suspendu défi

shade-yard-patio-ideas-12.jpg 600×1,287 pixeles

Although summer provides us great time to be outdoor relaxing and entertaining, the glaring sun in the day can be brutal, so we all need a way to get out of the sun so that we can still spend relaxing time outside.

Painting/canvas storage

This is Pretty bur I wouldn't trust that ladder Galleri Magnus Karlsson Storage room/Showroom – 2010

Colorful Spray Painted Armoire by Dudeman

Colorful armoire - what else is one going to do with that ugly old thing hanging around the house? Paint it fun colors. This would bring a sense of happy to any room. I want to do this in my room but to my book shelf.

Un espacio de trabajo versátil, Small&Low Cost

perfect side by side desk space. Adaptable as a face to face workspace: one large board, my white threstles on one side, and symetrical storage space on the other


Learn how to create a statement chandelier light out of the fallen tree branch. :: so cool for an outdoor chandelier

Living room

love the low seating and rug.lots of pillows and the DIY floor cushions to make this living room

flores en latas ideas para el jardín

Decoración con palets de colores vibrantes en el jardín

Create a privacy barrier between you and your up-close-and-personal neighbors with this palette and coffee can garden. It provides fresh greens and serves as an artful property divider in one! Source: A Beautiful Mess