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an old library with benches and bookshelves filled with lots of bookcases
The Best Manchester Photo Spots - This Wild Life Of Mine
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a library of daydreams | Dark aesthetic, Academia aesthetic, Dark academia aesthetic
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10 escritoras mexicanas que no conocías y debes leer este 2021
Ojalá te animes a incluir en tu librero a alguna de estas diez magníficas escritoras mexicanas que si no conocías, ahora ya sabes que debes leer. Te aseguro que su lectura será refrescante y muy enriquecedora. #escritorasmexicanas #escritorasmexicanasfrases #escritorasmujeres #escritorasmujeresfrases
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The Bell Jar
A beautifully designed Harper Perennial Deluxe Edition of this haunting American classic: a realistic and emotional novel about a woman battling mental illness and societal pressures written by the iconic American writer Sylvia Plath. “It is this perfectly wrought prose and the freshness of Plath’s voice in The Bell Jar that make this book enduring in its appeal.” — USA Today The Bell Jar chronicles the crack-up of Esther Greenwood: brilliant, beautiful, enormously talented, and successful, but
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