Monika Sidorowicz

Monika Sidorowicz

Monika Sidorowicz
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polly brown

Photographer Polly Brown documented the office plants of iconic New York and London brands, and the results are amazing

Predator and Prey - Photographs -

David Chancellor’s book, Hunters, is a collection of work from photographer, who is based in South Africa, on the world of tourist trophy hunting.

#FAV- Bicep/Unknown - Make Love in Public Places

Bicep/Unknown - Make Love in Public Places

must have

This is the 3 keyboard cat moon t-shirt. Finally back after (nearly) 2 years out of print and fully licensed by Keyboard Cat himself.

#good housekeeping compendium, 1953

: Cook Book: Good Housekeeping Compendium stuffed crabs were the way to impress your husband's boss in 1953

why oh why

Need a hand at calling attention to yourself? The creepy hand iPhone case will do just that. The eerie design of the case provides the user with some human contact in addition to improving your grip on your smartphone, so it doesn't accidentally slip out.