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there are many donuts with blue and pink ribbons on them
Candy Pacifier Baby Shower Favors
baby shower favors | Hope Studios: Candy Pacifier Baby Shower Favors
blue polka dot garland is hanging on the floor with tape and scissors next to it
Polka Dot Garland {DIY How to}
This easy paper Polka Dot Garland makes a perfect party decoration and can be made to fit any theme or occasion.
there is a sign that says ready to poop with flowers in front of it
DIY baby shower decorations. I found this slightly funny as well as cute. Popcorn would be a nice light snack to serve at a baby shower.
two baby hats are laying on top of each other, one is blue and the other is green
tiny little baby hats
DIY homemade baby hats. Easy to follow tutorial and they only took 20 minutes for each one. Great baby shower gifts. :)
baby bib pattern and burp cloth
Great Ideas — 20 Ways to Bring Patterns into Your Home!
Baby Bib Pattern and Burp Cloth Tutorial - Two More Minutes (Free)
a jar filled with legos sitting on top of a floor
Throw the Coolest Kid Birthday Parties
Fun game idea for a Lego-themed party. Put Legos in a jar, they have to guess how many. The one who comes closest gets the jar of Legos.
there are many donuts that have been made to look like numbers
50+ Easy DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Boys