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a crocheted bag with a tag hanging from it's side on a white plate
the size and measurements of a large tote bag, with measurements on each side
the paper box is cut out and ready to be folded
Bag-patterns to sew but also use as crochet- or knit-models
an instruction manual showing how to make a handbag with handles and straps in chinese
the paper package is designed to look like it has an image of louis vuitton on
an open cardboard box with a handle and handles on the front, in beige pattern
three different types of purses with measurements and instructions to make them look like handbags
the dior small book tote is shown with measurements
Dior Small Book Tote Toile de Jouy
a lanyard strap with flowers and birds on it, attached to a white wall
Tutorials, Tela, Zipper, Tricot, Couture Sac, Taschen, Prada