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an orange and white business card with the word dotrade on it's side
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "BrandBook BRICOTRADE"
the word papeall is written in black ink on a beige fabric material background
Bohdan (Shpaque)
VALS / Logo Accessories, Cufflinks, Logo, Cuff
Bohdan (Shpaque)
VALS / Logo
the logo for home and light with a light bulb above it on a dark background
Bohdan (Shpaque)
Home & Light / Logo
the logo for perfect valve group is displayed on a dark green background with white letters
Bohdan (Shpaque)
Perfect Valve Group / Logo
the logo for vivat events is shown on a dark blue background with white letters
Bohdan (Shpaque)
Vivat Events / Logo
black and white logo design for decor
Bohdan (Shpaque)
FOB Decor
the logo for tradeexpress
Bohdan (Shpaque)
TRADE EXPRESS / branding
the stx logo is shown in black and white, with an arrow above it
Bohdan (Shpaque)
STX / branding
the logo on the side of a car
Bohdan (Shpaque)
EFECTBUS / logo, bc, www
the logo for an appliance company is shown in this photo taken on march 22, 2013
Bohdan (Shpaque)
a close up view of the logo on a white surface with an arrow in the middle
Bohdan (Shpaque)
Warszawskie Centrum Numizmatyczne - brand
an image of a road with the letter f on it and clouds in the background
Bohdan (Shpaque)
Prestige, Prestige BUS / Branding
AQQ Studio / Logo Studio, Studio Logo, Blond
Bohdan (Shpaque)
AQQ Studio / Logo
the letter b is made up of small white letters on a pink and red background
Bohdan (Shpaque)
BMB Sp. z o.o. - logo