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Where to Shop for Party Dresses - NYC

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December means parties! Does it make you wonder what to wear? No worries - we've prepared some suggestion for you on where to find the stuff you need. Shopping route in NYC: Shopping Route in Chicago:

If you want to BRING OUT THE ROCK'N'ROLL WITHIN YOU choose a dress that'll comliment your attitude with some classic motives like studs or leather applications. All Saints Levia Dress $325

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If you want to SHINE do not be afraid of a little glamour! It's the perfect time for those sequins and golden accents, after all Christmas should be joyful! Necessary Clothing Jordan Baker Sequin Dress $44.99

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An interesting pattern is sure to attract attention and bring you many compliments. Like with this lace dress, called Yours Truly by Akira ($109,90).

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This modest proposal from A/X Armani Exchange will appeal to young girls - you can wear it with both heavy boots or high heels or sandals. Sexy but classy! Velvet Shift Dress ($148).

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Meg Circle Skirt Dress $220

Pinkyotto So Soft Shift Dress $125

If you want to BE YOURSELF choose the outfit that suits you the best - after all it's all about you and you should feel good, no matter if wearing pants or even overalls! Have fun! Babel Fair Jumpsuit $139

If you're not afraid to show some skin, and you like to dance think about this dress by New York and Company ($69,95).

If you want to BE VERSATILE find a dress that looks good in the office and becomes a little different in the evening, when properly accessorized. Club Monaco Delphine Wrap $289

If you want to REIGN LIKE A DUCHESS try the favorite color of Princess Catherine - you'll look classy and feminine in cobalt and lace. Ted Baker Vendela Lace Dress $325