Wedding Shopping 2014

Wedding season is on now! Find out the most interesting wedding boutiques around the world with ShopTrotter!
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Let the wedding shopping begin! Just say YES! Parisian Bride 2014 shopping route

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Can you believe that Bethsabée Beslon makes wedding gowns out of the REAL flowers?

Perry Ah Why, Laurent Kapelski, Marie Laporte i Nuit Blanche, all in Paris. Find the wedding shopping route in Paris here:

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Laure de Sagazan, Paris. Is it 2014 or 1914?

Rhum Rasins by Victoire Vermeulen, Paris. So artsy and current!

Suzanne Ermann, Paris. Very parisian ;-)

Marjolaine Chen, Paris. Lace and etheral

Harlow Market (Paris) for the rebel bride ;-)

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