Wedding Season 2014 - Milan

Collection by ShopTrotter


If you're feeling butterflies in your stomach lately, it may mean that it's time to start getting ready for the wedding! We can at least assist you in choosing the perfect wedding dress. We search for the coolest wedding fashion brands all over the world and create easy shopping routes, because the only thing to make you feel light-headed should be your fiancé ;-) Why not use summer vacation in Europe to make the first "fitting" before this exciting shopping adventure?

Laboratorio di Marianna Sartoriale Lanzilli - a unique atelier, where dresses are created on request. Their collections offer unique dresses for subtle clients,modest but refined to the smallest detail. Perfect Wedding Dress, Unique Dresses, Wedding Season, Wedding Styles, Fashion Brands, Milan, Collections, Seasons, Detail
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Architectural, but still feminine dresses by Antonio Riva are another option. Skillful use of smooth materials combined with intricate updo gives an amazing effect - simplicity and sophistication.

If you dream of a minimalist wedding, that's full of sublime simplicity, be sure to check out Anna Ceruti. This designer creates ephemeral collections of lightweight silks and laces.