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ShopTrotter Q+A: Bobby Hicks of This Fellow

It probably happens with most bloggers (if you read them quite often you get that feeling of intimacy), but Bobby Hicks really seems to be a person you would like to be friends with. His style is effortless. Easy. Everyday. Normcore? Judge for yourself. (In our opinion he could pose nude since his tattoos are so artsy and vibrant).
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Q: Best shops in your neighborhood? A: My neighborhood [Brooklyn] is more known for food than the clothing. But if you go further north, towards Williamsburg, there are some great shops there - too many to name!

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Q: Your favorite city to shop in is… A: Tokyo. Though most of everything there didn't fit me, it was great to see the beautiful clothing and the hospitality from all sales clerks in that city.

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Q: Do you prefer online shopping or brick-and-mortar? A: I prefer to shop in stores. (...) there is something about trying your clothing on and making the connection with the fabric and the look that you can't get from shopping online.

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Q: Do you go out to dress up or dress up to go out? A; Typically, I go out to dress up. I think it's important to be excited to dress up! You need to find the moments of dressing nicely as exciting as the occasion. More:

Meet Robert Hicks of This Fellow blog. The funny guy (have you seen his socks? Forgot to ask where he gets them!). The fashion blogger who can cook. (one of his recipes here).

But seriously - for us his approach to fashion is so fresh and normal that it begged for the ShopTrotter Q+A.