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School days

Pencils, notebooks and backpacks - all that you need to be a perfect student. We found inspiration in Shoper stores for you!
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Cute white bicyckle with pink and turqouise ornaments. For a girl :)


Colourful cymbals in the shape of parrot. Teach your kid how to play the music! #backtoschool


Animambo wooden guitar for children - beautiful intensive colours: red and yellow. Decorated with little images. For ambitious little mucisians! #backtoschool


Birdhouse DIY - do it yourself. Perfect toy for a kid. #backtoschool


Pink swimming cap with a Minnie Mouse. Perfect for your kid's swimming lessons! #backtoschool

Beautiful grey vintage dress - perfect for a girl to wear at school

Beautiful tourquise hippo pencil-case. Love it! <3 Must have at school. Perfect for pupils. #backtoschool

Yellow, positive umbrella with the bee. It will make you happy even in the rainy day. #backtoschool

Wooden clock which will help your kid to learn hours :) #backtoschool

Dark blue swimming cap with Spiderman - perfect for your son. Must have at swimming lessons! #backtoschool