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Original dark bracelet decorated with blue silk brush. It is made of little graphite beads. The silk brush makes it unusual. You can wear it both for casual clothes and for more elegant stylizations. Maybe you can give it to your best friend as a birthday gift?

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Leather bracelet - unique and very beautiful! If you want to have something unusual, you should have it! The leather looks like a snake skin. It will be perfect for every stylization, especially for clothes with blue elements.

Necklace made of three chains: silver, gold and graphite. Perfect as a birthday gift for your best friend. You can write your name on a spangle. Thanks to its silver, gold and graphite color, the necklace is very elegant and fits to every black stylization!

Azure earrings in shape of flowers - perfect for elegant stylings. Every woman who loves blue color should have it! It will be perfect for stylizations with blue or grey elements. Wear it while your hair is pinned.

Metal chain - bracelet in the color of dark gold. You can give it to your best friend with your name written down. Fits to elegant stylizations. Woman who love gold jewellery must have it!

Leather bracelet for men in brown color. Unusual accessory for men. It will fit for casual clothes. Fashionable and pretty.

Bracelet on a leather thong decorated with tiny lapis lazuli. Brushes make the bracelet unique. It fits to black and dark-blue clothes. It will fit to both casual and elegant clothes. In the summer, you can wear it to your swimming costume.

Bracelet with yellow flower, pearl and orange stone on a gold chain with interleaved decorative green and yellow strap. It is perfect to spring and summer stylizations. Very girly and positive.

Delicate necklace with black and gray ornaments in the shape of teardrops. It will fit to black or white dress. Beautiful grey and black stone. For elegant women!

Necklece with the purple elegant bag for a little fashion lover. Packed in beautiful box and a bag.

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