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Polish Folk Costumes - Kaszubski costume
two pictures with different designs on them, one has a bag and the other has flowers
Kashubian embroidery jute bag by PsiMonkey on DeviantArt
an embroidered tablecloth with blue flowers and leaves on the border is displayed in front of a white background
Polish Folk Costumes - Kaszubski costume
a blue and yellow flower embroidered onto a white cloth with green leaves, berries, and flowers
Kim Marie's Embroidery — In Poland there is a style of embroidery called...
a woman dressed in traditional polish clothing standing next to a flag and other people watching
Colorful processions in folk costumes: Corpus Christi (Boże Ciało) in Poland
an old book with many different designs on it
an embroidered wall hanging with birds and flowers on it's side, in the shape of a tree
Kashubian embroidery inspired by the beauty of nature. | Website promoting Polish original handicraft. Traditions of different regions, forgotten trades, folk artists, inspirations : handicraft in interior design, online store with handicraft
an image of flowers and leaves in blue, yellow and green colors on a white background
embroidered fabric with blue flowers and green leaves
Haft kaszubski. Czy jest przed nim jakaś przyszłość? - Magazyn Kaszuby
two people dressed in costumes standing on steps
two people dressed in traditional clothing dancing on a path with trees and bushes behind them
an embroidered piece of cloth with blue flowers and butterflies on it, next to a white background
some people are dancing on stage with other people in costume and dress clothes around them
Kaszuby grupa II - Mali Gorzowiacy - Zespół Tańca Ludowego