Artsy yet classic, Sibilia for IMPERIO jp earrings can be found in museum shops from London to Tokyo, and now on Taigan. These are the large drops in vermeil with a patina finish, super lightweight. Please avoid spraying perfume or showering/swimming with

Goph Albitz, Oxidized sterling silver ring with opal

To inspire my next bezel project: Goph Albitz, Oxidized sterling silver ring with opal

18K gold and blue topaz earrings

2013 MJSA Vision Award Place Professional Design Excellence, and Place, Gold Adam Neeley, Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry Inc.

Klaus Spies

Earrings - Spies Design ::: The Jewelry of Klaus Spies and the Moebius / Mobius Ring Supernatural Style

Todd Reid Cuff

Cuff: "Into The Void." Palladium, with an array of uniquely faceted diamonds. (By: Todd Reid.

Carol Henning Metalsmith - 18k gold, sterling silver, opal doublets, opal

These earrings by Carol Henning are really unique! Each are different, but they are still definitely a pair. gold, sterling silver and opal.

@yogawithjib on Down Dog Variations ・・・ #howtoyogawithjib What kind of (downward-facing) dog is your favorite? Mine is twisty! While practicing, remember these: Press down through fingers to relieve weight off wrists Engage your core to straighten spine instead of letting it arch and collapse Keep your neck relax And most importantly... Have fun! #yoga #yogatutorial

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Diamond, pearl and gold earrings.

Organic forms and movement predominate in all of Enrique and Rosario Garcia’s designs, including these gold Fiji Earrings with colored pearls and diamond chips.