Boho Kitchen Bonanza Part 3: DIY tiered copper planter

OUR green "health & family" green & wood feng shui kitchen. Boho Kitchen Bonanza Part DIY tiered copper planter

Depends on which way this window faces. If you are obsessed with plants, turn your book shelve into a plant shelf. Good way to display them and free up your floor space.

#summer #outfits Rush Ruffle Off The Shoulder Romper ✌️

40+ Fashion-forward Summer Outfits

Summer Outfit Rush Ruffle Off The Shoulder Romper ✌️

The Home Apothecary. I dream of being this organized in a cool and crunchy way. Useful and beautiful. Love the shelf.

Damn it I need my own herbal wellness pantry! Making Your Own Herbal Wellness Pantry

Beach Chic

Converted railway house by Jeroen van Zwetselaar

H&M HOME : un style Urban Jungle pour le printemps - Marie Claire Maison


Egnahemsvägen 20 E


Rustic kitchen with checkered floors.

Love the zinc carrier hung for kitchen storage at Gua's shop

Great combination of things in an open shelve kitchen --pretty and functional--My dream farmhouse!

Plants in the kitchen are a must!

Wooden shelves & bancadas & the corner tile detail & the plants


Plant and dog space. Love the idea of skylight by window for extra light for plants

INDOOR PLANTS I really want to incorporate plants with my displays and I loveeee the circular ceramics on the walls with plants coming out of them!

Border Storage Bed

Border Storage Platform Bed

Like this bedframe and it's functional quality! Border Storage Bed (I like that it's minimalist and still with nice storage, but there's no border to keep the box spring and mattress in place, is there?

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Design Interior: Black and white decor & light leather sofa

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I always thought I wasn& being able to look after plants until I was welcomed, after being away, by 3 gorgeous plants saying: “yes you can, look at us!