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Sheropened Holmes

Sheropened Holmes
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Imagine waking up, walking downstairs to get some cereal, not really paying attention to anything because you're still half-asleep. You rub your eyes and suddenly there's a creak from the doorway next to you. You look up sharply, and then this happens.

As I would believe you. In all thing.

My dad was talking to my mom and I heard him say "cumbersome" and I immediately interrupt with "Cumberbatch?" to which my dad just sighs deeply

{Martin Freeman LIKE A BOSS, Benedict Cumberbatch}

cumberbitchsandwich: "I’m going to sleep. In my dreams, Benedict and Martin both get Emmys." We ALL dreamed that darling.

Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman

Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman Do you think Martin is on his toes or is Benedict crouching down a little!<<<<<idk but definetly something is happening here. martin is NOT that tall.