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All you need to know about Catholic hats!  It shouldn't need to be said, but the KKK is NOT a Catholic organization. It is a shame they stole a peculiar hat form a peculiar custom in one country and have made it so evil.

:) Catholic hats ~ As an aside, many people will think of the KKK when they see the capirote but it has been used by Catholics long before the Klan existed. The KKK have no association with Catholicism (except for it being among the things they hate).

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To An Altar Boy: To be Christ's page at the altar To serve Him freely there, Where even the angels falter Bowed low in reverent prayer. To hear man's poor petition, To sound the silver bell,.

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androgynous armband belt blonde hair gas mask gun hat helmet hetza (hellshock) iron cross long hair machine gun mg 42 military military hat military uniform nazi necktie original peaked cap reichsadler schutzstaffel skull smile smug stahlhelm swastik