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the mystery party printables for kids to use on their own phone or tablet
Mystery Party Printables (Free) - Moms & Munchkins
Mystery Party Printables - free printables for creating your own mystery party (family-friendly)
an open suitcase with passport, sunglasses and other items on it sitting on a table
DIY spy kit includes badge, passport, dark glasses, gloves, magnifying glass, clue pad, flashlight and of course, mustaches !! Super fun kid gift
the best 10 diy effective kits for kids to use in their school year old
Start A Fire
Learn what it takes to be a special agent and solve mysteries. Best 10 detective kits for kids for play, party favors or DIY gifts. Detective play pretend for girls and boys. Fun and educational activities for kids | at Non Toy Gifts
a piece of paper with the words secret messages on it next to some paint tubes
Secret Messages — Encourage Play
Secret Messages - A fun way to practice reading and writing!
a poster showing the steps to missing suspect's footprints and foot prints on a piece of paper
Mystery Party: Documents & Dossiers
ikat bag: Mystery Party: Documents & Dossiers
a book with a magnifying glass next to it on top of a table
Detective Games – Simple Play Ideas for Kids
Detective Games - Simple Play Ideas for Kids - One Perfect Day
the needles are laying on top of the plastic bag
Make a CSI Kit | Activity | Education.com
Third Grade Physical Science Activities: Make a CSI Kit
the top secret 15 creative projects for kids
Discover More: Detective Science
Discover more about forensic science for kids with these fun and educational activities!
a shaving brush sits on top of a plastic bag next to scissors and razors
Make a CSI Kit | Activity | Education.com
Activities: Make a CSI Kit-this will make a great activity kit for anytime play-now we need a criminal...hmmm....
the printable worksheet for fingerprint notes and lab with graphing and data
Integumentary System - CSI Fingerprinting Lab
Use this integumentary system fingerprinting activity to simulate detective work and FBI or crime scene investigation in your classroom. Everyone has a unique set of fingerprints, even identical twins! In this lab, students will learn about the various types of fingerprint patterns and determine their own pattern for each finger. With this information, they will figure out the distribution of fingerprint patterns within their classroom and graph their data. It's a great mix of math & science...
a cardboard box sitting on the ground with caution tape around it
Image result for story prop clues ks1
an empty parking lot with yellow cones and a box on the ground next to it
Image result for story prop clues ks1